#YesAllCats Because 1 in 4 cats will be Meowsaulted during each of their 9 lifetimes.

#YesAllCats A cat in a tree does NOT need saving. Smash the petriarchy!!

#YesAllCats because no cat gets a say in whether or not they get picked up and cuddled.

#YesAllCats Because cats are “frisky” and dogs are “royal”. #petriarchy pic.twitter.com/GX6bfZ1t9m

#YesAllCats pic.twitter.com/mxAKkGF7Dl

#YesAllCats pic.twitter.com/PH4n6CsbGk

Because society only tells me I’m pretty if I look like this. #YesAllCats pic.twitter.com/Iqo8Thr1mK

BanCatty! #YesAllCats

#YesAllCats because I’m forced to use the bathroom in my own house out of fear that the dog outside will think I’m taking his territory

#YesAllCats https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BpC26M6IUAAQMYd.jpg

#YesAllCats pic.twitter.com/TGhRsLkzPQ

#YesAllCats pic.twitter.com/CUlVz5WST3

#YesAllCats because every creature deserves to vent about their “problems” pic.twitter.com/3qyJ6T4IK2

sad that #yesalldogs is trying to co-opt the #yesallcats movement, talk about entitlement

#YesAllCats because cats are routinely denigrated in cinema. Exhibit A: Mr. Mr. Bigglesworth.
Trigger warning!!

#YesAllCats pic.twitter.com/Ua3LZ9FqFb

#YesAllCats pic.twitter.com/MQaYRqWfGx

#NotAllDogs chase cats, but #YesAllCats have been chased.

#YesAllCats because I can’t walk outside of my apartment without someone trying to pet me

Roughly 3.5-6.3 million cats are abandoned every year #YesAllCats

#YesAllCats sometimes a scratch means I’m scared…other times just bored…hey you asked.

#yesallcats have been permanently traumatized by seeing the bottom of their food dish

#yesallcats should have catnip you white privileged men with cats.

Sat under a van for 2 hours to get out of the rain and got a filthy back. Finally let in and the kids dress me in a tea towel #YesAllCats

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Manchmal mag ich das Internet 🙂


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