Ein Simpsons-Beitrag zur Frauenquote

Ich gehöre ja eigentlich zu den seltsamen 3% in Deutschland, die mit den Simpsons noch nicht recht warm geworden sind.
Wenn ich so etwas sehe, sollte ich daran vielleicht arbeiten:

Es passt auch dieser Kommentar, der eine Parallele zu GamerGate und Anita Sarkeesian herstellt:

“Got an extra controller? That’s right, a woman wants to play video games! How about that?”

“Well, that’s super duper, Anita. In fact, we already got four girls playing online right now.”

“You do?”

“Uh huh. But we’d love to have you on board.”

“Well, I’m not really a fan of video games… After all, what civilized person would play games with such violence against women?!”

“Well actually, Anita, the violence is only committed against fictional women and men.”

“Yeah, and studies show that video game violence has little to no impact on the way we treat people in the real world.”

“Stop oppressing me!”


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