Echte Frauensolidarität

Falls Feministen sich mal wieder fragen, warum so viele sie und ihre Leistungen und Auszeichnungen nicht ernst nehmen, empfehle ich das Nachdenken über diese Anekdote:

I am a photographer who used to be based out of Los Angeles. There was a large conference for a group of specialty surgeons, who found me online and decided to contract me for three days to take photos of their convention for their publicity department. My contact person with the organization was from Chicago and this was one of her first times spending any length of time in Southern California.

Client: (When we met) I like the weather here, but everyone seems too laid back for my taste.

Smiling politely, I kept doing my work.

We had an agreement that I would be flexible with my working hours because speakers often run over schedule.

On the second day of the conference, the client told me that she absolutely needed me to stay for an extra hour, unpaid. I also had an assistant with me, so it was even worse.

Client: I’ll be receiving an award so I want you to stay — no, I NEED you to stay to take my photo after the ceremony.

Me: Well, since you know you’ll be receiving it, and it’s not a secret, why don’t we just take the picture beforehand, so I will only stay a few extra minutes instead of an hour.

She began to beg and plead with me, accusing me of being unprofessional.

Me: Well, if you ate out at a restaurant and got your bill, but then you ordered more food, you would expect that they’d add it to your bill, right?

She got even more upset, but I went to get set up for another shoot while my assistant grabbed some gear. The client proceeded to follow my assistant around to complain about me, calling me a “bitch” and saying how unreasonable I was. They came back over to me as I was setting up the shoot.

Client: No more of this sissy California stuff! I’m getting Chicago on you now! I can’t believe you won’t stay when the client asks you to!

I ignored her to continue focusing on my work. She walked back over to my assistant to complain about me some more. What she didn’t know was that my assistant on the shoot was actually my husband, who had no sympathy for her or her attitude.

The irony of the whole thing, though, was that the conference theme was about women in business, and while she was berating me to my husband, she was to receive an award for being a woman who supports other women in their careers.

Professionalität ist, wenn du tust, was ich sage.
Gerechtigkeit ist, wenn ich bekomme, was ich haben will.


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